Welcome to the Anglo Cyprus Association of Business (ACAB) a new and dynamic association that will help promote your company and allow our members and subscribers in both Cyprus and the UK to view your potential. It will open up new markets and endless possibilities for your business.

In these challenging times, opportunities can be few and far between. However, Cyprus offers opportunities in new, proven and reliable markets to secure the future of your investment. Likewise, the UK also has a flourishing economy with opportunities available in all areas. This collaborative approach will allow a more selective access for British business entry into the Cyprus market by sourcing important contacts in legal, tax, accounting, real estate, general and precise information as how one can conduct business transactions in the Cyprus markets. In the same instant, Cyprus companies will enjoy the same opportunities into the UK market.

We aim to help create business relationships between UK and Cyprus companies with view to mutual financial gain. We will provide vital and up to date information provided by established business owners and professionals in the UK, to support such relationship.

BREXIT will doubtless influence business, but the extent will not be known until after UK leave the EU. Whatever the position, there will always be trade opportunities and the exchanging of ideas between countries, as they have a long and established history.

By applying for membership into ACAB your profile will automatically be enhanced and your business image will be instantly known to all our members. ACAB will keep our members up dated with topics of interest, news items and details of all fellow members.